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Ordering online? Please choose a host or fundraiser. It's awesome to get your smell goods while giving back! Placing a large order? How about an "Unparty" or “Party of One” instead? Contact me for info on my current specials! or by text/call 808-457-7983
A personal note.... I have always enjoyed candles, however, they weren't cheap, I wasn't comfortable with the open flame in the house, and really didn’t like the soot on my walls and ceilings. I found Scentsy in late 2008 and was thrilled! Not only do they last longer than the candles I used to buy; they are about one quarter the price at only $6 for a bar that lasts just as long as a large jar candle! Having candle ADD, I also love that there are over 80 scents to choose from and I can change the scent in my warmer every day if I want to. No more burning a single candle for weeks and getting tired of the scent. I was surprised that all of our scents are strong enough to emit an aroma throughout my entire house ~ pure fragrance. No more burning candle smell. I broke up with my dear Yankee candles! Not to mention, by using a light bulb instead of a flame, I was confident that they are safe to use around my active children and our foster pups.

So, I started with just being my own best customer and then discovered the sharing Scentsy really works for me. I'm making a living by just Simply Sharing! I share like you would the best spa, chinese restaurant, or mechanic around. I have found the best candles available! That is simply fun share with people!

When you have kiddos, it can be challenging to find "a job" that will pay enough to support the child care costs and still leave enough to take home to make it worth the sacrifice. Not to mention trying to find an employer that has an understanding of the working mom regimen. I also found that traditional jobs were just not working for my military family and the schedule of our special needs son. When I joined, I thought I was just going to use the wax that came with the new consultant starter kit. What I found was a "job" that I love and that I can schedule around my family's needs.

As an added bonus, I love getting paid for doing what I was going to do anyway... telling people I knew about great new products that I had found - Scentsy Wickless Candles! If you love candles and haven't heard of Scentsy, you'll wonder why not. If you have, you know what is to love!!

I do hope that I can be your Scentsy lady for life. That you’ll think of me outside of scent events; when there is a birthday, a graduation, house warming, when one of your items don’t seem to be working, when you need a lightbulb, when you need more scents, or when you just want to check out what’s new. You can go ahead and save me in your cell phone under “Scentsy”; I don’t mind at all!

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to the organizations we give back to and my entire family!

Michelle Weber


Check out my FB Biz Page linked below ~ You can find out more about what is new, on sale, current promos, and get info on the next Scentsy Blow Out Your Candles Event (virtual too!)


I know there might be a lot to read in "my story" ~ I sure hope it's worth the read! 

If you scroll to the bottom of my website, you can check out my catalog! If you would like me to get you a hardcopy, please let me know.


Is it time to share the new scents with your friends and earn some free smell goods at the same time? Let me know and I will hook you up.

For those considering a home business, my best advise is to first and most importantly, LOVE what you share so you don't feel like you are working when you are sharing. Secondly, you should make sure that you click with your sponsor and leadership. Give me a call, text, or email me with any questions! I love to share.


If we met you at a recent event, we are so glad that we met and you are checking out more about who we are. If you are interested in joining Scentsy, please let US know. One of the biggest mistakes people make, is that they see Scentsy somewhere and then search for a consultant on their block. If we were out there sharing, introduced you to Scentsy, if you liked us, give us the chance to go over the benefits of joining our amazing, international team by interviewing us! We actively work our businesses and know the ropes.


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HOST: As always, if you would like to get your Scentsy FREE by hosting a home party, work party, online party, bag party, or borrowing a basket party please let me know. My business depends on my VIP customers and hostesses allowing me to come over and simply share my wickless candles. You can even host from a distance! Try a HOST to JOIN party if you are thinking about joining and just aren't quite sure. And home parties, they are GREAT! Our get togethers really are a good time for all. You get tons for FREE smell goods for hosting, are surrounded by your invited good company, and I provide the FREE entertainment. I'm not good at belly dancing, however, have been told that people have a good time at my scent events regardless of my lack of dancing skills!

JOIN: Need a little extra cash? JOIN my awesome team to reap the rewards of being a Scentsy Family Independent Consultant!! You even get bonus points towards earning incentives ~ whether a tirp to Cancun, Greece, Hawaii, the Bahamas, currently a med cruise there is always something special to earn! I can help you simply save money on your personal Scentsy family products or help you to make that car payment by being a consultant. Whatever the goal, sharing these products can make it happen! They truly sell themselves! When you join my team, you will receive a fabulous starter kit to help you launch your new business, we offer weekly teleconferences, training calls, exclusive team perks, online training videos, and resources. No matter where you live, if you join my large international team, hold onto your hate because we might just blow your expectations away! 


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